Hosted and Supported Shared Services

We host and build systems designed to be collectively purchased by government so that the cost is shared by many government organizations and expenses are greatly reduced. Our open source software is built to be shared by government agencies.

The cost of the shared software significantly drops as multiple government agencies participate. Engagement Squared seeks to give government the highest quality software at the lowest price via group purchasing power. Through our collective sharing model, Engagement Squared can provide extraordinary savings in software.


About hosted and supported shared services

We are a special type of software developer who has pledged to build software that can be shared by all government agencies. Our new shared services business model is dedicated to giving government extra value by making sure that you don’t have to pay for redundant computer systems throughout local, state and federal government.

Our products can be collectively purchased by multiple government agencies so that the more purchasing partners participate, the less expensive the price is for each agency. All purchasing partners do not have to purchase at same time. Late-arriving partners decrease cost for both themselves and early-adopting government partners.

Benefits of working with us

  • Group software purchases: Result in substantial cost savings
  • Integrated products promote business process improvement
  • Open source products break government out of proprietary software lock-in and allow apps and data to be freely shared with other government organizations

Ethics and Values

There is a strong public service ethic built into our shared services business model that allows many government agencies to proportionally share software expenses so that the cost for all is reduced as more purchasing partners come on board.

Transparency is designed into all Engagement Squared processes and products.

Our product design is guided by the for-public-good vision of integrated government systems articulated by the nonprofit Center for Government Interoperability where AGPL or Apache License, Version 2.0 systems can be freely shared by government organizations. Our integrated components will rapidly evolve to add new functionality such as government-wide data sharing capability providing continual business process improvement throughout government.