An organization's employee must be authenticated before they register that organization

To authenticate an individual, first, register as a regular user if you have not already completed this step

Individuals have the ability to act in multiple capacities in Engagement Squared, as citizens or government employees depending upon whether they are working in their official capacity or as engaged citizens interested in government outside of their agency.

Next, please email all of the following three forms of evidence that you are a government employee.

  1. Authentication Item #1: Send an email to using your government issued email
  2. Authentication Item #2: Include in your email, your government issued phone number.
  3. Authentication Item #3: Include a website from which which we can traverse your organization's structure to locate you and independently confirm your identity. For example, if you work for the Viginia Department of Fish and Game, send us this website address,, and enough information to request your name from the organization. Example: "I work for the IT, department. Please ask Fish and Game's main telephone operator to forward Engagement Squared's call to the Technology Office of the Dept. of Fish and Game. My office assistant can also corroborate that it is me requesting authentication."
  4. Further authentication may be requested on a case-by-case basis.

Government Organization Registration

To register a government organization, first check to see if it exists in the organization table . If not, add the organization to the table. (Menu items will not appear unless you are logged on.) Many organizations' names have been pre-loaded as a service to the public to provide a list of all government agencies.

Next, have an autheticated employee forward an email containing your department's chief officer's approval for that employee to represent the organization on Engagement Squared. Make sure that the chief officer's name and email address are clearly evident on the forwarded email.

It is recommended that a generic email address for your organization be used (or created of none exists yet) for purposes of adding data records to Engagement Squared. Such email addresses typically have names such as [email protected] The reason is if a personal email name is used, such as [email protected], when Bob is on vacation or changes jobs, the organization,, will not be authorized to edit records that Bob created without having to undergo re-authentication from Engagement Squared.