What was the motivation for building this app?

  1. To help government open itself up through citizen partnerships and crowdsourcing. Greater citizen participation and transparency in government is vital to sound policy creation.
  2. To fix huge number of problems whose source is obscured by the lack of knowledge of data modelling. Data modelling is the single greatest missed opportunity to improve government in terms of nuts and bolts fixes for government operations.

Why do you make us register on to see the site?

We don't like forcing people do anything, and normally do not. The only reason is that there are millions of spam and virus robots that automatically and instantly fill in open forms as soon as a site is opened. Going through a login process is the best way to ensure that only a human has access to the site.

Is it difficult to terminate my account?

No. We don't hide how to close your account. It's a clearly visible option on your profile. You can delete your account easily at any time. We value transparency in our own app as well as in government.